Initial Setup

A short and stocky guide to get you up to speed in under 10 minutes. 

Step 1. Reset your password

Once you have created your Hippocamp tenancy, it’s important to reset your password. Watch the video to see how.

Step 2. Add your clinics

Before you can start creating a schedule or booking appointments, you need to add the clinics you work from.

Step 3. Adding professions

Before adding your users, it’s best to set up the professions that are in your organisation.

Step 4. Adding users

Next, you should set up any additional practitioners, managers or admin staff.

To learn how to add provider numbers click here

Step 5. Set up appointment types

Next, you should set up any additional regular and in-house appointment types.


Step 6. Set up Schedules

Next, you should set up the schedules of you and your employees.



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