Send an SMS to a patient

You can quickly and easily send an SMS to a patient, which is a great way for a personalised follow-up immediately after an appointment or perhaps prior to an appointment if there is something they need to bring along.

  1. Go to the patients’ dashboard either by searching for them in the patient list or clicking their name from an appointment on the calendar.
  2. Hover over the green ‘Create New’ button at the top of the screen next to their name and a drop-down will show with some options.
  3. Click ‘Send SMS’ and a pop-up will show with their mobile number pre-filled if it is on file.
  4. Enter the SMS message and click ‘Send’.
Hippocamp Tip
Keep your message brief. You’ll be charged 10 SMS credits for every 160 characters.

To learn how to setup automatic SMS and email reminders click here.

Please note: You must have SMS credits available to successfully send your message. You can check your SMS credit amount and purchase more credits from the Settings > SMS/Fax Credits page.



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